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I Am Curious

It Seems So Are A Few I have been asked on my choice of username on EP a couple of times now. I did not realise that this username has made others curious as much as it has now made me. The curiosity on a username... [more]
  • I Love Stories That Touch My Heart

    I Have A Heart Words come together in a line, paragraphs and then a story emerged. We read these tales. Our mind picturing, our opinions forming and our comments relaying. Sometimes, my heart strings pulling.I kn… [more]
  • I Find It Difficult to Make Female Friends

    Impossible, Almost. Male and female are very different. Easy and yet not so simple to elaborate. Women are more critical in what they want or need. Whereas men are more easy going. They follow their eyes, needs and ur… [more]
  • I Am Someone Who Is Invisible Despite My Very Presence

    Stand Back, Dont Come Near Me. Yet I attract people without even trying. They look at me without pursuing. I have the strength to pull you to me but I dont have the powers to push you away. I will hurt you unintentionally for I coul… [more]
  • I Feel Like I'm Always Hiding Behind a Mask

    Thats All I Ask Of You Im trapped in this cocoon after getting myself into this state. Silently waiting for the time to unwind , to reveal, to venture forth and then to unveil this imaginary mask I hide behind. To s… [more]