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I Am Curious About Polygamy

Still Seeking... I have been seeking such a situation for years now, and have had little luck finding a couple who are sincere, healthy, intelligent, and wise to the realities of such a relationship. They just won't... [more]
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  • I Am Single

    I'm Not Happy Being Single... I have always been the 'lone wolf' type, never had any friends, only one best friend during grade school (Amy) and after she moved away, no relationships with the opposite sex tend to fizzle … [more]
  • I Express Myself Through Writing

    It's Easier For Me To Write Than To Speak! I hate speaking aloud, mostly because I have an ugly voice that is nasal and quite unpleasant, at least to my own ears.  I've been told that I sound different over the telephone than I do in pers… [more]
  • I Am An Unlucky Person

    I Have Had Bad Luck All Of My Miserable Life! I can't understand it - it's like I was born under an unlucky star. Every car I buy gives me expensive problems. I can't sustain lasting relationships with men even though I'd like to get married be… [more]
  • I Write

    On Trying To Find A Writing Partner I write screenplays - my goal to sell them and make a decent, if not prosperous, living at it - and I've been trying to find a writing partner for some time now.  However, all I hear from are peo… [more]