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Da bro no one likes, but is the nicest judge free person evar :)

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I Write Poetry

- A Fallen Parent - I'll be the green of the grass, The greys and blues of the sky, I'll be the "I love yous", The moment of connection, I'll hug you when your scared, Embrace the... [more]
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    The Story Of The Bi-polar Teen hi my name is ryan and this is my story, it all started back in pre-school where i was different, very very different..... i couldnt make friends no matter how hard i tried, but then when i reach kin… [more]
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    The Story Of The One Who Will Never See 16 This isnt a plee for help, there is nothing left to be helped, this isnt a cry for attention, attention doesnt matter to me, this is just the story of my life so that somewhere some how somebody will … [more]
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    The Look On The Other Side 21 days ago i over dosed in a suicide attempt and in the ambulance ride to the ER i died, and was dead for about 7 to 8 minuets, all thats on the other side is nothing, just pure blackness it looks ju… [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    Just Some Poetry ~ To The Eclipse We Fly ~ Up up up, Through the heat, Past the metal, Past the rock, When passion turns to life, We keep moving forward, … [more]