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I Want to Know What Completely Stupid Thing You Once Believed

Tan Witches Because I was half listening in Kindergarten during the pledge of allegience lesson, I believed for a long time that we pledge allegience to the Republic of witch's tan. I pledge... [more]
  • I Had Strange Nightmare

    The Same Nightmare, Weekly Since I Was 17... i am in the middle of a big metropolitan area i see giant skyscrapers as i am falling faster and faster by them initially i know it is a dream i… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    The Incomplete Man
    Something about me causes me to be incomplete. I am the notorious starter of great ideas that never come to fruition. I claim I am a writer and have four great stories to show for it but not a single one is finished. I start work around the house that year’s later still needs attention. I left a promising career midway through a three year contract. And now, my marriage is becoming incomplete. I wish I knew how to...… [more]