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I Am Still In Love With You

It's been 30 years and 11 months since I first saw your face, I remember I said 'Hello', and then we ended up back at your place. From that night to this very day, no one else would ever do. After all... [more]
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    That awkward moment
    when your sarcasm is so advanced people actually think you are stupid.… [more]
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    Do you...?
    Sometimes I wonder if you sit here and have the same thoughts I do. Do you miss me? Do you miss my smile? Do you miss my voice? Do you miss my laugh? My words? My thoughts? My heart racing? Do you still wonder what it would be like if I were yours and you were mine? Do you wonder if I could make you happy? If I could keep your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground and your heart in one piece? Do you think you'll ever be that close to anyone else again? Will anyone else ever be able to see past all the bull-**** and straight into your eyes? Will anyone else ever earn your trust so deeply and completely? And do it with such ease? Do you ever ask yourself why things are so different no… [more]
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    It’ll be me
    It’ll be me when your phone doesn’t ring and the noise that you don’t hear the loud silence that wakes you from your sleep. It'll be me who won’t be there in your dark and lonely nights as alone you ponder what is missing from your life. It’ll be me who never shows to rescue you and you’ll probably feel let down. But it’s you who says that I can’t stay around. It’ll be me dragging you under as you drown in your own regrets. It’ll be me not holding you, not wanting you, not making you feel safe. It'll be me without whose arms your demons will take hold and you will lie awake at night suffering scared alone. It'll be me who knows you'll wonder how and why and where it all went wrong, and you'l… [more]
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    How I Wish You Were Here!
    I just can't help wondering, darling, just where you are tonight. I wish you were here besides me. You're so far away from me, I really don't know where. I know you're thinking of me. We have a special love, so rare. I have to live with memories, maybe for a long, long time. Now the clouds are dark, but some day again the sun will shine. Every night while I'm lying in bed my mind goes reminiscing. One more time I feel the thrill of my hands roaming over your body while your e*rotic site I'm kissing. I get so hot and bothered. There's only one thing I can do. I get out my little personal friend, and make believe it's you.… [more]