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i am outgoing, and im pretty much emo. im extremely artistic and im actually quite athletic, playing almost all sports, my favorite being tenis, swimming and soccer. oh.. i have an extremely fragile heart... :)

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  • a little South African
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Books house of night series, horror, romance, adventure
Music pop, punk rock, metal,(anything with good lyrics)
Movies horror, thriller, romance(if i have someone to snuggle with teehee)
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I Come From Great Parents

The Best Parents Ever my mommy and daddy were amazing people. they taught me so much in life, even though their time with me was cut short to only fifteen years. because of them i have morals and values, because of them i... [more]
  • I Am Afraid of Myself

    Keep Me Safe From Myself I'm terrified of life hasn't been all sunshine and daisies, with my parents both passing away from cancer at the end of last year, my gran passing away two weeks ago and my sister who … [more]
  • I Wish They Would Find A Cure For Cancer

    Holding Thumbs... like the rest of the people who have joined this group, i strongly want a cure to be found for cancer. most of us in this group have lost a loved one to cancer, in my case, i lost the two most … [more]
  • I Am Completely Infatuated With Someone

    Pathetic okay, so, ive liked this guy called george for quite a while.. hes gorgeous, sporty, artistic.. everything i really want in a guy. we developed this thing.. we were really really close, and we w… [more]
  • I Like to Make Out

    Connection.. In A Different Form :) ive always enjoyed kissing :) its just so nice, and that connection you feel makes you breathless:):) A kiss touches you somewhere deep inside, it makes you tingle. You can taste the other perso… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    i am NOT coping.. gosh that felt good. i lost my parents at the end of last year to cancer, i did things no fifteen year old child should do, like bath my own daddy and tell my mommy it was okay to go to heaven and leave me here. ive been putting up a strong front, i dont cry, i dont admit to pain, im always possitive... but in actual fact i really just want to cry, i want to stab myself and die slowly and painfuly because i believe if i tried harder they would still be here, and then id be able to see them again. iam NOT happy, i DO NOT understand how its better for them to be in heaven instead of here, and i DO smile a fake smile tohide the pain and to avoid burdening people. and i DO m… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    i think i might be a little obsessed with blood... not drinking it and stuff, thats a little weird :/ but the way it looks, the way it feels when it runs from your body, the way it falls like a waterfall. the color, how beautiful is it? but im not obsessed with all blood... just my own. i like seeing it and feeling it leave my body.. weird, i know.. but yeah :)… [more]