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God is good, all the time, even if you don't realize it!

Happily married , Mother of three grown sons and grandmother to seven.

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  • a little Native American (Cherokee)
Vices smoking, social drinker, very out spoken
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I Do Believe In Angels

Do you believe in angels? And I truly believe that God sent one to me when I needed help very badly. One cold... [more]
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  • I "Got The Belt" When I Was A Kid

    My Mom was a belt artist, she could change your attitude in a heart beat. If she didn't have a belt close by a fly swat , flip flop, switch from a tree was her item of punishment. I never got many att… [more]
  • I Any Where Below The Mason Dixon Line

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  • I Living In A La La World

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  • Other Confessions

    Without A Doubt I Sometimes Doubt
    I must confess that even though I was born and raised in a christian family and taught the christian faith from a small child there are times I have questioned myself about my own faith. And several questions still live in the back of my mind to the day, questions like, if God really loves all of us the same, why does life seem of unfair for someof us and so " easy as pie" for others? Why does he allow so much evil to happen to so many innocent people and does not punish so many guilty people? Why are some people resqued from the jaws of death and others perish? It is odd that some times I can see and feel him in my life easily and other day I have to search everywhere for him, is he hiding … [more]