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I Want to Know What Women Think of Crossdressers

I Think It's Cool I'm a woman and i'm fine with crossdressers. I even want to say that when a man plays the "woman role", they (you) are even sexyier than we do. You have all my support. Everyone should be free... [more]
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  • I Tend to Isolate Myself

    I'm Isolated Most Of The Time I want to know new people and to really engage with them. The thing is that i can't do that - i can't engage. I'm always sure that people will leave sooner or latter so i try not to attach to much. I'… [more]
  • I Hate My Birthday

    My Birthday Is Supposed To Be Mine, Right? I hate my birthday so baddly! Every year my mother pretends she is a great mother because she's giving me a birthday party. yeah, of course. A birthday party with only her friends (I have none, doesn'… [more]
  • I Feel Incomplete

    I Feel Like Something Is Missing I feel incomplete all the time. Like if something is missing. Like a big hole. I guess it's because my father was never here, never cared about me. I guess it's because my mother doesn't … [more]
  • I Need Help

    Help Me Please!!! I was molested by 2 diferent people, raped by a boyfriend (not with him anymore), neglected by my mother, abandoned by my father, had an abortion at 16 and here I am: 21 years old, so messed up, study… [more]