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I Have a Devil On My Shoulder

He's A Naughty Little Bugger Too! He just chooses the strangest of times to make me behave like a naughty girl - for no reason that I'm aware of he suddenly makes me shop with no knickers, put myself in provocative situations where a... [more]
BoredJudi has shared 10 Mature Experiences
  • I Am a Backyard Nudist

    Love To Be Naked... ...whether it's in my back garden or on the beach. I like to be completely naked of everything, shoes, jewellery, rings, makeup, even hair; if I was brave enough I'd shave my head too - the thought of… [more]
  • I Love Beautiful Lingerie

    Wearing Beautiful Lingerie... ...makes me feel so sexy and naughty! … [more]
  • I Love Being Playful

    Teasing! Well that's how I read playful anyway, I love to tease my husband - he loves to see me being naughty with our friends! … [more]
  • I Have Done Some Wild Things

    Skinny Dipping A levels had just finished, and we were all luxuriating in the lassitude of a few weeks of down time. A large group of us arranged to go to the beach and camp on the sand and have a beach party. … [more]