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I Have a Confession

So im a pretty smart guy and usually in all my classes im the guy you go to for tutoring or help. Now I don't tutor everyone that asks me, unless they're cute ;), I spend some time evaluating them and... [more]
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  • I Have a Crazy Mother

    Does anyone elses mom throw like these huge tantrums like every other day. I know there is no one person perfect out there but seriously, my mom throws these tantrums were she just curses everything a… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Just looking at some old pictures of me and my friends, even though there still around its so different now, I miss the way things used to be :(… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    I'm Missing Her I can't stop thinking, I can't stop feeling, I want her to be here with me so badly right now. My hearts aching at the thought of being with her. Trying to move on but how can I when you left me all a… [more]
  • I Miss My Best Friend

    So much, just sitting in class today and it hit me how much i miss talking to her, being with her, laughing.... I dont even miss her in the love kind of way just as a friend who really knew me and wou… [more]