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Honestly,,, there is not much to tell. Im a simple guy,,, a guy with desires to make it in this life. Plans,,, yes i have them. Will they come true ? Hmmmm ,,, I believe so,,,,, as a matter of a fact ,,,,, I know so.

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I Am Gay

Exhail,,,, I Can Breath,,, Yes,,, Im Gay!!!!!!!!!!! Today i stand at 6^ft 2in tall at 210 lps,,,, and no i do not appear to be gay. The reason i say this is because my physical appearance is of a straight man. Lets take a few and travel back in time... [more]
  • I Have a Dog

    A Little Lost Soul. One of my little companions have ran away. You see,,, i had two beautiful little puppies. they have been together from birth,,, brothers you could say. Well ,,, just the other day" FATBOY",,, yes that… [more]
  • I Will Call You Out On Animal Cruelty

    Do Not Hurt Our Little Fury Friends One day i was walking down the street,,, and there were these guys throwing a puppy into the wall. In the begining ,,, i thought that what i was seeing was a fake dog in his hands,,,, but when i saw … [more]
  • I Today Is The First Day Of My New Life

    Never Give Up,,,, It Will Get Easyer. Once upon a time,,, I was truly lost. Never really knowing just what it was that i was feeling inside. I felt this strong desire for a guy my age,,, and the crazy thing about it was that i did like wh… [more]