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After a nice lunch, we took our left over French fries to the beach, and saw many seagulls. I held one up, and it was instantly taken.

I'm fast and slow, little did I know there was such a thing as Td. Drug companies should be ashamed of themselves, since they know their money making drugs can cause it.

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I Write Poetry

Who Will Lead The Charge? My quest has begun, I feel so shunned. Why was I prescribed an anti-epileptic drug? It left me hiding, with no more smiling. Movements now unceasing, still not epilepsy. [more]
  • I Have Tardive Dyskinesia

    This Is A Question For Tardive Dyskinesia Victims Have any of your doctors ever called you psychogenic? That means that you are doing movements because of stress, and not because of an adverse reaction to a drug. During my first appointment … [more]
  • I Hate Being Ignored

    Why Do Men Ignore Their Wives?   "Being deaf in your voice range"   is the best excuse a husband  can use on his wife. He could just admit he is going deaf, but he doesn't even want to wear his glasses, so how can I expect him … [more]
  • I Have Tardive Dyskinesia

    I'm Not Alone With Td I've had TD 4 years, Neurontin is another rotten drug. It only took two pills to ruin my nervous system. There are so many drugs that say in fine print, "may cause tremors". ******* isn't tremors, it… [more]
  • I Have Family Problems

    The Life Of Riley - Enduring Marital Hardships If you grew up with the advent of television, you might recall, the show with William Bendix as the father in ~ The Life of Riley. I believe I have been living that life with a husband who… [more]