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The cat door was a mistake. 1. a snake 2. a live bird 3. a shrew which is still on the loose. I need a new door so the cat will stop gifts.

I'm fast and slow, little did I know there was such a thing as Td. Drug companies should be ashamed of themselves, since they know their money making drugs can cause it.

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I Like Making People Laugh

Even when bad things happen to me, I try not to drag people down, which isn't easy. My husband and I were in a restaurant, and a man in the booth across from us, kept looking at me. My... [more]
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  • I Have Tardive Dyskinesia

    I'm Not Alone With Td I've had TD 4 years, Neurontin is another rotten drug. It only took two pills to ruin my nervous system. There are so many drugs that say in fine print, "may cause tremors". ******* isn't tremors, it… [more]
  • I Have Tardive Dyskinesia

    This Is A Question For Tardive Dyskinesia Victims Have any of your doctors ever called you psychogenic? That means that you are doing these movements on purpose and not because of an adverse reaction to a drug? During my first appointment… [more]
  • I Hate Being Ignored

    Why Do Men Ignore Their Wives?   "Being deaf in your voice range"   is the best excuse a husband  can use on his wife. He could just admit he is going deaf, but he doesn't even want to wear his glasses, so how can I expect him … [more]
  • I Have Tardive Dyskinesia

    Neurology Appointments By The New Justin Nudder I gave myself a new nom de plume since I seem to be doing nutty things. I had to fill out a bunch of medical forms, but the important one was out of alignment, and I wanted to make a copy. I dec… [more]
  • Health Confessions

                            I wanted my medical records, so I signed for them.  Man did I find a pack of lies about me, which made me look like a hypochondriac.               I have concluded that doctors don't really like to write complete notes.  They expect their transcribers to look at what the last guy said about you               then they embellish it a bit.       But what if you had a radical change in your body that didn't comply with what is going on now?  ER rooms certainly               don't want to put in a change.   I finally put one to the test.  I told him that I'm going to go to a univerity hospital next week to a motion disorder               specialist..         He asked,    … [more]