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I'm unique, dreamy, emotional, passionate, creative, funny, weird, melancholy, artistic, deep, intense, aloof, private, friendly, full of contradictions and just a little bit craaazy... :-D x

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Vices Smoking.
Politics Anarchist
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Books Wuthering Heights. Lolita. Communion. Mein Kampf.
Movies Twin Peaks: FIRE WALK WITH ME. (Yes, Bowie is in this movie too. ;-) )
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I Had A Dream

I dreamt last night that my black cat went psycho while I was asleep, waking me up with a loud crashing sound. When I looked to see what had happened, he had destroyed my entire kitchen, so my... [more]
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  • I Think Loneliness Is Painful

    There's A Difference Between Being Alone And Being Lonely... I quite like being alone. I've always been a bit of a loner, and I enjoy my time to myself. If I'm around people for too long, I really start to crave some time alone. I'm not a lonely person. I very … [more]
  • I Have a Strange Celebrity Crush

    I Have Several celebrity crushes which could be seen as strange! ;) (SUBTITLE: AND YES, I KNOW I DON'T HAVE TO JUSTIFY MY STRANGE CELEBRITY CRUSHES! - NOTHING IN THIS STORY IS MEANT AS A JUSTIFICATION O.K! Sheesh! lol ;-) ) Well, of course first of all, I'm in love with: 1. David Bowie, (which goes without saying if you've seen my name and avatar, ;) ) this is a life-long crush and there's nothing strange ab… [more]
  • I Am a Sapiosexual

    I Didn't Know There Was A Word For This! So now I know. Yes, I am largely attracted by, and fall in love with people's minds. I'm bisexual, and generally find women much more sexually attractive than men, at least to look at. Yet, when I fal… [more]
  • I Saw a Falling Star

    I've Seen Several "Shooting Stars"... (But that isn't what they are. :-) ) O.k. So we all know (or should!) that they aren't stars. Stars don't fall or shoot across the sky. What we're seeing are meteors - small particles or fragments of rock or space-debris which burn up as… [more]