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Caucasian male, 55, 6', 185lbs.

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Favorite Quote Real men box, the others turn and run!
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I Am Single

I Am Happily Single I am happily single and don't have a care in the world, I have never had an opportunity to date or to share any intimate encounters in my entire life time.  I enjoy the luxury of being able to do... [more]
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  • I Have a Fetish For Boxing

    I Have A Boxing Fetish I am a Caucasian male, 55, 6', 180lbs, Milwaukee Wisconsin, as a kid I had a fetish for boxing, looked to start fights with dudes so I could get pounded a bit.  I never found any action in my chi… [more]
  • I Know Someone Who Pooped Themselves

    That Warm Feeling Kind of embarrassing to admit that you've pooped your pants when you're an adult.  I was on a long distance drive and had to use the restroom badly, stopped at 3 different locations only to find out … [more]
  • I Have Tattoos

    I Have 9 Tattoo's I currently have 9 tattoo's since I started getting them about 3 years back, have Krazy Kat on my chest, scrawny boxer on my left side, scorpion and tribal on shoulder blades, wizard and sorcerer on b… [more]
  • I Do Boxing

    Old Boxer I am an old dude who enjoys strapping on the gloves and swapping punches.  I started boxing 4 years ago as a way to maintain my weight and stay in shape, I participate in tough man competitions and h… [more]
  • Old dude who loves to box

    Posted on: September 29th, 2010 at 8:35PM

    New member: BoxerguyMiWI. Caucasian male, 55, 6', 180lbs, blond, average build [though not very muscular], enjoys gloving up and swapping punches. I started boxing 3 years ago as a way to stay in shape and maintain my body and health, I have been participating in tough man contests around my area, I box in the middleweight division and end up fighting dudes in their 20's and 30's as there are never any participants in my age and weight range, most recently [September 2009] boxed a 26 year old marine in Minnesota and beat him by points. The marine left me with a nice shiner which I proudly displayed for the 3 days it lasted, beat him by points and then lost to a 22 year old MMA student 50 s… [more]