Male , 56-60

A Person that just seem to always have love life.Praise God,learned I can't do with out...and don't want to do without Him.Dig music and good food.Far ,Far from prefect always pleading for the mercy of the Lord.

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Favorite Quote With GOD all thing are possible
  • a little African American
Vices smoker
Politics Conservative
Horoscope Pisces
Special day
Books Spiritual stuff,Master of the Game,The Color Purple,reading the can of soup in the store.
Music Jazz,Rock and Old School
Movies It's a Mad,Mad World,,,House of Games,,,James Bond...Good Comedies
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I Am Christian

Sin Free! Sin Free?..I wish.After years of studying scriptures,going to churches and seminars,giving love offering,having deep and personal prayer life and just in general trying do the best I can, I still... [more]
  • I Love People Who Smile

    I Love People Who Smile   Give me a smile  Adult or a child  I'll walk many miles  just to see  Give me a smile and just for that while you make me so … [more]
  • I Am Christian

    Why I Like "i Am Christian" Now I have a place where I can talk/mention/acknowledge Jesus without being told this is not the right format.I talk to others on- line,or in person and just SUGGEST MAYBE the answer to a problem mig… [more]
  • I Am Christian

    Simplicity I love the Simplicity of Christianity.ONLY what Jesus did on the cross can saved us.Plain and simple.Going to church is great,paying tithes is great,giving to the poor is great,being baptize is great … [more]
  • I Love Jesus With All My Heart

    God's Grace And Mercy After so many years of not following Jesus ,much pain, confusion and disorder came into my life. I knew better but being popular and having my fleshly desires were the order of the day.Thank God for w… [more]