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My name is John but everyone always calls me Jack. I am 14 and live with my Mum and my older sister. I want to meet people like me.

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I Remember My First Kiss

My First Real Kiss With A Girl Whos Not My Mum (or Sister) Ive been going out with my new girlfriend for about three weeks now and shes called Becca and is in my class. Ive had some girlfriends before but they were sort of silly and we had little kisses on... [more]
  • I Dont Like My Sister

    My Sister Is Not Nice! My sister Sarah is 19 and im just 14 so we dont have anything in common apart from the same mum. our dad left us years ago so its just us three and she thinks she is mums sister not mine. … [more]
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    Am I Too Young To Like Girls? I just got a new girlfriend called Becca and she's in my class at school, we are both 14 (just) and although I have had girlfriends before she seems different. For one thing she is really pretty and n… [more]
  • I Want To Put An End To Bullying

    Bullies Are Cry Babies I started this school when i was 11 in year six and before long four boys from senior class came up to me and started pushing me around and telling me they were in charge of the playground and i had t… [more]
  • I Want To Put An End To Bullying

    My New Girlfriend this girl in my class was getting bullied because she stutters her words sometimes if she gets nervous. two boys from year 10 were giving her some bother about it, not hitting her or anything and one … [more]