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My name is John but everyone always calls me Jack. I am 14 and live with my Mum and my older sister. I want to meet people like me.

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I Remember My First Kiss

My First Real Kiss With A Girl Whos Not My Mum (or Sister) Ive been going out with my new girlfriend for about three weeks now and shes called Becca and is in my class. Ive had some girlfriends before but they were sort of silly and we had little kisses on... [more]
  • I Was Often Spanked With Moms Hairbrush

    I Still Get It From Mum I still get spanked by my mum with her hairbrush. I turned 14 in September and in year 9 and live with my mum and my sister who is older than me. I always got spanked so its nothing new but i didn’t… [more]
  • I Remember Being Spanked Bare Bottomed Over The Knee

    Spanked By My Mum I can remember it because it only happened two days ago. I was fighting with my sister who is older than me and ripped her dress, it was all her fault anyway because we were arguing over my xbox she h… [more]
  • I Remember Being Spanked Bare Bottomed Over The Knee

    Spanked By Mum Again I have had a funny day. I’ve got a new girlfriend called becca, her real name is Rebecca but she don’t like it, she came to footie practice today to watch me after school and I really liked having… [more]
  • I Dont Like My Sister

    My Sister Is Not Nice! My sister Sarah is 19 and im just 14 so we dont have anything in common apart from the same mum. our dad left us years ago so its just us three and she thinks she is mums sister not mine. … [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I'm new here!
    My mum doesn't know I joined this site, hopefully I will get to know some people like me. I am 14 and living at home with my mum and sister who is much older than me. I am a bit nervous about if this is going to be good or not.… [more]