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I'm nearly 15, and a lot of stuff has been happening lately...

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I Don't Understand Girls At All

Girls Confuse Me This one girl right, she said she liked me and I wasn't sure if I liked her back so then she goes and tells everyone that I'm a d*ckhead and she hates my guts. I seriously don't understand girls, one... [more]
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    I can't do this anymore....
    I'm scared to do anything, because of what my uncle did to me. I am getting a restraining order agaisnt him very soon, so he can't do the things he did to me. But i feel like somehow he'll find me, but i know he wont be able to because the police will get him because he wont be able to go near me at all...but i still am very scared, and i do not want to be alone. Right now my uncle is at the police station answering questions and getting taped, and i have to watch it soon after its done, and i feel like im too scared too even look at his face. He was a good man, and i loved hanging around him, until he did what he did. I feel miserable, and i can't stop having these visions of him saying "Br… [more]
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    I hate Michael Jones
    Theres this new guy at my school called michael jones and a few wks ago, he was talking to this girl who i really like (her name is holly) and they were laughing and talking... and it looked like they were flirting with each other a bit, which really annoyed me. And just at the start of last wk my mates and i were playing footy (australian football for those people that dont know what it is) anyway we were just kicking the footy and talking, when michael and holly were walking around the oval, laughing and mucking around and. My mates looked at me straight away, and gave me a look, and then they asked me if i was going to tell holly how i felt about her and finally go out with her and i said… [more]
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    I'm a boy belieber, so yeah!
    You hate Justin Bieber? Because he followed his dreams? Because he teaches people to follow theirs? Because he worked hard from a young age? Because he has talent? Because millions adore him? Because he donated $3,000,000 to Haiti? Because he donated $7,000,000 to Japan? Because he donated $100,000 to a school of poor, homeless kids? Because he helped boost organ donor registrations? Because the profits from his #1 fragrance went to charities? Because half the profits of his Christmas album went to charities? Because he made a 6 year old with brain cancer's dream come true? Because of the Believe charity drive? Because his involved with over 20 charities?Or is it just to look "cool" to hate … [more]
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    My uncle is dying
    I don't know if i should feel sad at all. He did r*pe me once and abuse me a few times, why should i feel bad for him. His most probably done it to a lot of other kids, so i don't feel sorry for him. I'm glad to see him passing away, should i feel this way?… [more]