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I'm a unique guy, I do have my past and I do have my problems, I'm very open minded I'll let you know what I think if you ask. I love but hate myself at the same time. I can be a really good friend, to anyone. My feature are, brown hair, medium built, hazel eyes, and a really unquie personality.

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I Want to Know Your Perfect Guy Or Girl

My Story Well hi everyone Im Brandon I'm 17 I'll be 18 in four days, my story goes like this... I was ounce in love with this girl, and I've done everything for her even helped her out of CPS.. (child... [more]
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    Please Talk To Me I'm 17. My life has been bad. I was adopted into a abusive home. I was raped, abused, and melested. Most people dont know that. I ran away when I was 14 from that home and found my biological family. … [more]
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    My Love I fell in love ounce, but then I got hurt. I wish I could have a special someone to spend days and nights with. I had that ounce but lost it. I hope to find the right somebody for me.......maybe one d… [more]
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    Friends To Talk To Is there anyone out there who would just be my friend, and get to know me... I want a friend, I barley have any...… [more]
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    i need more friends
    ok well im 18 and very lonly. if u will please just be a friend to me and text me 9363919072. please. i cant get on here much so please text me. please no stalkers lol all i need is a friend.… [more]
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    A girl
    ok i have a girl i really like but she is like 800 or 900 miles away and i barly know her... thats my confession… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I want friends in Texas close to me where I can get to know them. And chill and hang out.. That's my confesion. Anybody???… [more]
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    I Wish
    I wish that someone would take me in and help me... I wish to live a happy life... I wish... I wish.... I wish ounce a pond a time... Love… [more]