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I Am Depressed and Want Someone to Talk to I'm Here

My Own Personal Hell I am a 22 year old alcoholic with a mild form of Korsokoff syndrome. I got it after I had an accidental dyphedramine overdose mixed with alcohol (Imagine 20 hours of being forced to face the most... [more]
  • I Blacked Out While I Was Drunk

    Drinking Blackouts Aight So Im a 22 year old male who is a legitamate recovering alcoholic binge drinker who when he blacks out continues to drink... Lets see, First Alcohol blackout I tried to fight a close friend, a m… [more]
  • I Want You To Admit Something You're Afraid Of

    Dyphedramine OD I have always been afraid of going insane. My uncle is a paranoid schizophrenic and growing up my mother kept relating to him if I ever showed anger or did anything abnormal. I had an accidental dyp… [more]
  • I Fight Depression and Loneliness Everyday

    I Feel Like The Only Person In The World Everyone I meet seems like an illusion. A mirage an image nothing beneath. I show them my facade they show me theirs. We smile, we laugh on cue then we walk away. I dont really know if I'm lonely,… [more]
  • I Want to Know Who You Were In Highschool

    Hmmm... This Is Interesting In high-school I was the originally the nerdy loser that everyone picked on (Freshman year). Then I was the kinda gothy-emo kid that didn't fit into any social circles whatsoever and was still picked… [more]