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Weird, kind and off the wall kind of lady.

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Im reading zoo by james paterson, want to read it before i see the movie. [more]
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  • I Perform Random Acts Of Kindness

    Its Funny cant really write a story about my random acts of kindness , that would tarnishthem, but i can tell about being the lucky bless person who recieved the kindnesses, a gentleman helped me ge… [more]
  • I Love Hummingbirds

    Magical 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, as youd imagime im been a basket case, well, within the first week, i was sitting on the bk deck and trying to control the tears and anger so m… [more]
  • I Have An Extremely Caring Circle Of Friends

    Blessed Today a writer friend of mine gifted me a for my eyes only excerp of his up coming book, i have recoeved comfort, prayers , white light and positive wishes from ppl who dont know me but care all the m… [more]
  • I Love071 Skype Me At Hooli4b

    Love, by brenee27 Just when you think it can only be provided my the opposite sex and in a sexual manner, look around, friends provide even more love without the burden of all the crap that goes into a 'relationship' b… [more]