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I Am Not What People Expect

I Am A Dying Breed. I am a dying breed. I wake up early and work hard from the moment I wake up to the time my head hits the pillow. feel like a man out of my own time. I'm young and independent. I work two jobs, go to... [more]
Brenton8Sumters has shared 9 Mature Experiences
  • I Love Playing In the Mud

    79 Ford And A Snapped Axle I was 15 years old and my dad had this old truck strictly for farm use. It was a 79 f250 with an eight foot bed it had a 2 inch lift and knobby tires. It was perfect for moving stuff on the farm. W… [more]
  • I Am a Twin

    Identical But Not The Same Me and my twin look the same and have the same build. If you saw us you'd say we were the same. But we are not I am everything he is not when I started getting better grades and more playing time he … [more]
  • I Wear a Kilt

    I Am Irish I am Irish and on my travels through Scotland and Ireland I was able to participate in the Highland games. I was wearing my kilt and I was ready. It was a fun time and I held my own for a person who… [more]
  • I Am a People to People Alumni

    My Time At People To People I am a people to people alumni and I loved every second of my trips. I went to Scotland Ireland England and Wales. As well I went to Australia and to new Zealand. On my trips I had many experiences t… [more]