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I am a 18 yr old Cross dresser from Australia. I have been dressing since I was 12. i have had a few special friends but find it difficut to find other CD's.

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I Want To Know What You Wore When You Crossdressed Last

What I Wore Last It was a few weekends ago now but I wore a pink and black bra and pantie set. Bra was low cut and had a frilly edge. Over the top I wore a blue dress with white sleeves. Felt perfect! [more]
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  • I Want To Know What Influenced You To Crossdress

    My First Time I was 11 , home alone and bored. I have an older sister who was 14 at the time so i went into her room to look for some books to read and i saw her underwear everywhere. I picked up if i remember a … [more]
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    Welcome Hi! I'm Michelle a teen girlyboy who absolutely loves ****!! My girl friend Danielle or Dani are keen to find more guys and other grilyboys to join us for some chat and fun! Join our group, add us as… [more]
  • I Other Boys And Guys Who Crossdress In Australia

    I Want A "dress Buddy" Hi girls I am an 18 yr old cross dresser in Sydney and looking for a "Dress Buddy"! Anyone interested. I suppose from 13 to 30! I'm bi so it could lead to more fun as well!… [more]