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I Was Told To Go To The Bathroom In My Pants

Dad used to tell me all the time, to just go in my pants. Any time we were in the car or outside or at the store. Mom always told me to at the store. Lots of times if I was getting out of bed to go... [more]
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  • I Wet The Bed At A Sleepover

    I Pee The Bed With My Friends My two best friends Bobby and Derek come for sleepovers pretty often. They know I wet the bed, and I wear diapers to bed. Last summer when they came over, we slept in my tent, in sleeping bags. I told… [more]
  • I Was Told To Wet My Pants

    Dad Told Me To Go In My Pants At my last birthday, dad told me I'm old enough now to decide for myself when to pee and poo in my pants. Before that, he used to tell me when to do it in my pants. Whenever i mentioned that I had to … [more]
  • I Wet Myself At School

    I Wet My Pants On The Schoolbus On the way to school yesterday, I wet my pants on the bus. My girlfriend was sitting next to me, and she saw the puddle between my legs. The guys in front of us saw the little river of **** running un… [more]
  • I Like To Wet My Bed During Night

    I'm A Real Bedwetter Again A few months ago, I was laying in bed really comfortable on a Saturday morning, but I had to pee. I really didn't want to get up, but I really had to go. I decided to see how long I could hold it. I r… [more]