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About I'm a lover of life and all of the people in it. I hate to see any pain come towards anybody. I love to be in love and I love to be loved by someone else who is willing to share their good and bad times with me. I'm a faithful little puppy, who just wants to cuddle up sometimes or play around. I might not be the best at getting friends or being sociable with people I don't know or have just met, but I really am a softy inside and like to have friends who are supportive and can make me happy like I do with them. I can be a little self-conscious and I do have several aspects about myself I hope people don't judge negatively about me, such as the fact that I'm bisexual. I'm open to both genders for love, but that doesn't mean I HAVE to be sexual with both genders in order to be happy with life. Really, it all comes down to emotion for me. I would like to have a good sex life, but maybe it's just the girlish side of my bisexuality talking when I say that I mainly just want someone who will be there for me and loyal to me and to go out and spend a good time with. I can be very clingy, and sometimes capable to feeling unloved when not paid a lot of attention to or when other people seem to be more interesting than me, but I'm trying to work on that. It's also not very common to come by someone who believes in veganism. I'm not able to become vegan just yet considered the circumstances of my life right now, but when I go off to college or am out on my own in the next year or so, I will put a halt to eating animals. I don't believe in harming other living creatures just to satisfy our taste buds when we actually CAN live life without ever eating meat, which some people don't know. It's still possible to get the right protein without it. I'm not a religious person, and might even call myself Agnostic. This also relates to my ideas on not hurting animals, because I believe that humans, who are animals, and all other living creatures are all the same, except that humans are just able to think with more complexity about things more than anything else. But, other than our thinking capacity, we're just like everything else. Humans aren't excused from being killed above every other species on the planet and more wrong to kill just because we are raised being told we are better. Every living creature has thoughts and feelings and emotions, and still feels sadness and pain, and you should let them live. That is just what I believe, and I understand that many other people don't feel the same. It's okay. I'm a very tolerant person who doesn't believe in racism or gender inequality at all. I believe in the same rights for all people and am completely for gay rights and gender equality. I do not condone death, however, and am completely against abortion. I also have many anti-drug ideals, but not that pushy about it. I've been in a long-distance relationship before, and was in one for a whole year, but just went through a break up from a girlfriend who did nothing but break my heart over and over again and treated me so badly for a whole year, when all I gave her was my love and companionship... I'm still very heartbroken over it, but am still hopeful on finding true love someday and finding that special guy or girl who is willing to get to love me, and I them, and possibly spend the rest of their life with me. I'm a 1 person guy, and wont tolerate cheating at all anymore, because I know just how bad it feels to be hurt by it. I think love is the BEST and most WONDERFUL emotion of them all, and is probably what I value most. =3. I hope I got all of the important things about myself out of the way. I would like to get to know any friendly soul on here who shares my interests and ideas, no matter how loosely it is. I'm an accepting and understanding person. Please, don't ever be afraid to approach me. Thank you. =).
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