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I have to many flaws to be perfect but I have too many blessings to be ungreatfull

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I Battle Depression

It Comes at the worst time , not that there's ever a good time to feel depressed. I guess it has to get worse before it gets better but I feel like the quiet before the storm . Nothing I do... [more]
Briinx has shared 7 Mature Experiences
  • I Was Spanked As A Child

    I got spanked on my And it taught to not do bad things ever again . Lol… [more]
  • I Had An Affair

    He damn nearly killed me so I did it bit up until today I still believe I was wrong for doing it . Warning this never turns out well in situations like mine… [more]
  • I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    You know all I want is for all this pain to stop its constant I feel like I'm never gonna get back to me . I hate all the paranoia I feel like everyone wants to hurt me (even with out proof ) so I pus… [more]
  • I Got Held Up At Gunpoint

    When I was 16 there was a boy who liked me a lot , but I didint like him . I had a crush for someone else. We all lived around the same neighborhood and one day the other guy Juan drove by and saw me … [more]