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I Am the Girlfriend, Fiance, Or Wife of a United States Marine

Hi! I need some advice... I am recently engaged to my Marine. We are so happy together! :-) My concern will we be able to make it financially? He has been in the Marines... [more]
  • I Had Very Strict And Controlling Parents

    I Love My Dad Very Much But... ...I hate his temper. My dad, the man I grew up with my whole life, always had a watchful eye on me all the way up til I left for college. He's a good dad...he provides with things I need, buys me t… [more]
  • I Hate Being Around Negative People

    My Mom Is The Most Negative Person I Know My mom is so negative about everything in life! She complains about her husband being so old and how she's sometimes embarrassed because of his age. She is very vain. She loves taking pictures of h… [more]
  • I Am In College

    Sometimes, I Feel Like College Is A Waste Of Time I am the only kid of three going to college. I mean like, well, my mom remarried and my step dad has two sons, Shawn and Jeff. (Names have been changed) Shawn is working at Costco and living on his … [more]
  • I Am a Navy Girlfriend

    Please Help! :( How I Ruined Two Friendships With A Single Question. This is long, but please bear with me. Ok so I have this friend named Josh (names have been changed) and we were really close. We talked on Oovoo a lot. We texted a lot. We had a lot o… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Waiting to Return Home For 3 Years
    Ok, so when I was 14 (back in 2006-2007), I decided that I wanted to move to Hawaii to live with my mom.  I started y high school career there at Pearl City High School.  I was such a misfit: my voice was very Southern (as I was born in Alabama and raised there) and I was pale.  A lot of people in Hawaii are tan and have a "pidgin-English" accent.  Well, anyway, I somehow did fit in as far as my looks are concerned.  The majority of people are either asian or mixed asian.  As I was still in the stages of puberty, I was a very mouthy person.  I had the hardest time getting along with my mom and step dad.  There were constant fights, constant yelling, and I really regret for acting the way I d… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I can not seem to fit in wit my family
    Ok so I am half Korean half Caucasian.  In my eyes, I look more Korean.  But anyway, my parents met in Hawaii and then moved to Alabama and had me.  My dad is from Alabama.  My mom is from  Korea.  Well when I was born I looked very Caucasian, but as I got older, I began to look more Korean.  It felt so weird being with my dad and his side of the family.  Not that I am embarrassed or detest my white side, it's just I don't feel like I belong.  In my mind, I'm thinking, "Goodness who are all these white people? I'm family with them?"  And when I eat dinner or go to Walmart or something, just me and my dad, people always give us weird looks.  Even my dad said that people make him feel as if he… [more]