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My name's Brogan & I'm from Sydney, Australia.
I find it hard to write detailed things about myself.

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I Have a Vagina

Born With It. Well, for some reason i have the feeling that this is going to be a very easy story to write. I have a vagina. What an awkward thing to say. Personally, i would never say that in public, unless... [more]
brogan16 has shared 230 Mature Experiences
  • I Check Out Your Profile Before I Add You

    *block* Heres the rules... No urine, diapers or crap groups, unless they're hate groups. I dont want to add you if your over 70, a guy, and most of your groups are about ******* everything that … [more]
  • I Have Pet Peeves

    Leave Me Alone It seriously ****** me off when i turn on my computer, to find 50 messages. Its not that i don't like the messages, i love them. But dude, if i said no ******* naked pictures, thats the end. The… [more]
  • I Like Being Alone Sometimes

    Good For Your Soul. I heard a friend say the other day, that there is a difference between hiding, and spending time with oneself. Its true. Spending time on your own is good. Gives you space to think. Im not sayi… [more]
  • I Want to Drink Less Alcohol

    Should Lock It Up! Im only 15, but when i have my friends over, we crank out the alcohol, and get wasted. Theres always enough to drink so no-one will notice, but seriously, its getting out of hand. I nearl… [more]