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I'm on EP for nearly a year now i guess and in that duration i've changed and matured ALOT. I dont really tend to tell people my problems anymore because i feel like that's just looking for sympathy... Not like that for everyone i know. But it says describe yourself so here goes.
Well i'm fat. Like really really whale fat. I'm on this awsome new diet though and i've lost 5 pounds in two weeks! (half a stone nearly) i'm really proud of myself but i know i'm not even nearly there yet. i want to get down to about 120pounds or about 10 stone by the end of my journey. I'm blonde, and i think my hair is my best feature. I love animals! I live for the chance to help them. Soon im going to get a voluntary job at the pound near me, i cant wait. I think my point in life is to care for animals. I love asking the big Questions. questions no body can answer are always running through my head.

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I Want to Dissapear

I Can't Breath When Im Around Him... Right well uh.. i've always had issues with my dad. i've never though of him as my hero, my daddy, and i deffinately never looked up to him. but adleast when i was younger, he did things with me. we... [more]
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  • I Am About to Buckle

    I Can't Even Describe It Anymore When i get home, someone opens the door... i get inside and put my school bag down, and pet the dog. Then it happens differently everyday... I do something, something Wrong. Something Dumb Some… [more]
  • I Am Sad Today

    Wrong Impression. . . So my friend asked me out to the Cinema and hes a really good mate of mine so i said i'd go. it was a really good laugh and when we got home to his house we just went up to his bedroom. We were sittin… [more]
  • I Want to Share 100 Things About Me

    100 Facts About Me ;} 1: I'm blonde 2: i have green/grey eyes 3: I'm 5'3 4: i've never been in love 5: i live in Ireland 6: I'm a bit of a loner, though i do have alot of friends:] 7: i only talk to people i feel comfortab… [more]
  • I Love This Bird

    Most Adorable Bird In The Whole World! this actually nearly made me cry i was so crazy about this bird!!!!!!!!!!… [more]
  • School Confessions

    school ._.
    So i got a 34% in my French test today... never done that bad. but its not my fault... theres never any peace in my house, theres always fighting. what i've found is that the more im alone, the more im crying, and cutting and wishing i was never born. the more i feel alone the less school work i can get finished, and cause of that i keep getting Behavour notes and notes of concern =/ i've got alot of friends in school... and i get on well with most people i know, i just wish i knew why my family hates me so much... why they dont care when its so clear im upset, why they dont even notice when they insult me anymore. i feel so stupid when everyone else gets 89% and 93% in school... and im ther… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    just... broken ...
    ever since last July... when the most important person in my life passed away, i have been broken. i know no ones going to read this, because im just a stupid little emotional kid, and who cares about them when they have their own problems, right? i know i have horrible depression, and i know cutting is stupid, but its all i feel i can do to distract myself from the constant pain... My friend died months ago... but i think about him everyday. he was the only person i had i could tell anything to. he was the only person i had to make me smile, and i dont mean that fake smile everyone always falls for. i'm only a kid... and im so emotional... and i dont know why, but over the past few months e… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    worst valentines day ever...
    So my friend Frankie asked me to get off with him at his bus stop after school... And ofcourse i did, cause well i'd rather spend an extra 40 minutes walking home then knowing i ditched him. I had been thinking about asking him out when we were walking towards his house... Because we've been good friends for so long, and i know what a good guy he is. But instead he started telling me all these things... Like, he keeps getting bullied... and their makeing horrable Youtube videos and **** about him. I couldn't beleive he was telling me all this... I would of never caught on to how much he has weighing on his sholders. But my Body sank when he told me where he had to go on Sunday. He told me hi… [more]
  • had a good time in Belfast :)

    Posted on: January 30th, 2011 at 5:56PM

    went to belfast yesterday :) was amazing! we went to see an ice hockey game and the giants won! :) got a new hoodie! made four new bestos :] Charlie, Ellen, Sopie and Ben :] their all amazing! Ben didn't know how to spell my name so he saved my number on his phone as 'the baba' ha we nearly got stabbed outside the stadium for being dubs :/ but it was a great laugh :) when we were in hollister Ellen squeezed a mans *** thinking he was a manniquin! so funny! and i started flirting with a ginger man that looked about 50 haha. had to stop as soon as his wife came over to him though :L and completly lost my voice i was screaming for the giants so loud! I haven't done anything stupid to myself in … [more]


  • ...

    Posted on: May 22nd, 2011 at 4:37PM

    I was out with my mates yeah and some guy offered us a rolo and i smoked it, it was my first smoke in a few years. then the day after we all wanted more so we went to da forest and started smoking together, and it was class like. i was like feeling really dizzy and i didnt want to go home, but normanly i have ta be home by 6 or i get scolded, but i was havin such a good time that i didnt get home till real late. it felt so good to be able to just forget about whats goin on at home, ya know? ta just let loose. But neyway i dunno whats up with my lately, i'm so down and im barely talking to anyone. i was combing my hair today and yeah like im used to loads of it comming out but a whole clump o… [more]


  • Mad party :D

    Posted on: September 9th, 2011 at 2:44PM

    Right my parents are gone away for a week on holidays and me and my brother (19) are gunna have the shmadest party ever! it's tomorrow night and my brother bought me voddy :D we're gunna get so pissed! and all our mates are coming over and just i can'it wait :) xxxxxxxxxxxx… [more]


  • losing weight

    Posted on: October 19th, 2011 at 3:57PM

    Okay well lately over the past couple of months i've been kinda obsessed with my weight.. like really obsessed. i've lost a stone in weight and i only ate 233cals today. i'm so proud of myself for not binging! :) but i'm really REALLY not loosing the weight fast enough. i'm still 153 pounds and really not happy.… [more]