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I'm on EP for nearly a year now i guess and in that duration i've changed and matured ALOT. I dont really tend to tell people my problems anymore because i feel like that's just looking for sympathy... Not like that for everyone i know. But it says describe yourself so here goes.
Well i'm fat. Like really really whale fat. I'm on this awsome new diet though and i've lost 5 pounds in two weeks! (half a stone nearly) i'm really proud of myself but i know i'm not even nearly there yet. i want to get down to about 120pounds or about 10 stone by the end of my journey. I'm blonde, and i think my hair is my best feature. I love animals! I live for the chance to help them. Soon im going to get a voluntary job at the pound near me, i cant wait. I think my point in life is to care for animals. I love asking the big Questions. questions no body can answer are always running through my head.

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