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Heres to the ones that love the illusion that is me... Shame they don't love the real me.

Set to self destruct ~ In everything I do

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I Find Everything Reminds Me Of You

Even A Small Brown Spider You remind me of a brown spider that once crossed my path. Monstrous vibrations from my step alerted the tiny beast, it sits back on is haunches, fangs at the ready, expecting an attack... [more]
BrokenTomBoy has shared 6 Mature Experiences
  • I Just Heard a Voice Clearly Call My Name

    Divine Protection For many years I have heard "them", mainly a male, this deep yet musical voice I have heard never scares me, even when yelling at me. Always just before I fall asleep, if I am already asleep he wakes … [more]
  • I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

    I Fell In Love With My Best Friend So my best friend is a guy, yep you guessed it: I fell for him and fell hard! It doesn't help that he is too young, too sexy and loves me too much. We had a fight and I yelled at him "How do you not g… [more]
  • I Think My Job Sucks

    "too Intelligent For Full-time Work" What The!?!? The othe day I asked my boss why I was not offered one of the full-time positions that recently became available, his answer: "You are intelligent and learn quickly, it's astonishing that any task we … [more]
  • I Am Going to Change the World

    The Wish That I Wish For A Better Tomorrow This year i wish nothing for myself.... I do not care for or want any of my private wishes, not when my life is actually wonderful compared to others..... I will save my wish for those that need it mo… [more]