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I just received my masters degree in computer Information Systems.

a vibrant, willing to learn person who loves finding new friends!

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Vices if loving to converse with very interesting people is a vice, that is it!
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I Like to Collect Quotes

Ursa Major It was one of those rare, clear summer evenings in the Ozarks, most evenings are “close” …high humidity and thus hazy. We took my car, the Granada…a sled, but nonetheless it got better... [more]
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    The Night Sky When I was younger, I lived on an isolated island in Alaska.I would walk to the top of a very high hill on that lonely island. A thousand miles from nowhere, no city lights, no noise, no… [more]
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  • I Write Short Stories

    Skinnydipping I drove right to it. It had been 29 years and I had not been on that road since, but I drove right to it. The rope swing was gone, but the old tree with its branch hanging out over the James River wa… [more]
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    John " The counselors say I lack focus, dad. They say I need to settle down. That I need to set a goal and achieve it. Am I a failure, and what is focus, anyway." The young man had just come home fro… [more]