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Sup! My Name is Devin Im 20 Years old and im a DEDICATED BRONY! Loved the MLP (No Homo) and Enjoy the Paradies of it!
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I Am A Brony

Rainbow Factory Now a Rainbow's Tale isint Quite as Nice As the Story we Knew Of Sugar and Spice But a Rainbow's Easy once you get to Know it With the help of the magic of a... [more]
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    Smile! My Name is Pinkie Pie Hello! And im here to say How ya doin! Im here to make you smile And brighten up your day! It dosent matter now Whats up! If you are sad… [more]
  • I Enjoy Playing Fear and Bioshock

    R-a-p-t-u-r-e Wont you Come on down to Rapture? Jam a Needle in your Arm! Itll Slowley Corode Your Genetical Code! But its all Part of the Chaarm! So your a Gross Abomnination? … [more]
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    All The Ponies Thistle Whistle Twilight Whizzer Wind Whistler Brights Brightly Buttons/Baby Buttons DJ P0n-3/Vinyl Scratch Fancy Pants Fizzy Flam Flim… [more]
  • I Am A Brony

    Pinkie Piiiie! Ive watched WAY TOO MEANY danmed pinkie pie Hate videos! I mean, i click on "My little Pony: Cupcakes" On youtube thinking its just Cupcakes, Right?AH HELL NO! What do i see? I See myu launch in… [more]