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I can describe myself in 3 words..! Caring,, unpredictable,, && inappropriate! :)

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  • a little German
  • and a little Puerto Rican
  • and a little Indian
  • and a little African American
  • and 100% American
Horoscope Virgo
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Music Rock,, Pop,, Hip-Hop,, Rap,, Acoustic,, && anything else with awesome lyrics or an awesome rhythm to it..!
Movies Spongebob Squarepants Movie,, Lovely Bones,, Case Closed Movies 1-6,, The Parent Trap,, 8 Mile
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I Am Depressed

Depression Setting In.... Depression settles down on my heart sometimes...Like it's moving into it's rightful place. I just want it to go away. I hate the feeling of depression. It consumes my very... [more]
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  • I Am a Virgo

    We Stick Together ! [: Virgos are definitely some of the strangest people you'll ever meet..! o.O But we all get along with each other very well! We're exciting && outgoing..! But when something is wrong with us,, we tend … [more]
  • I Am Bisexual

    I'm Bisexual && I'm 14..! I've been a bit curious about girls ever since I was younger..! I always found myself watching them get dressed && I was always curious about their body parts! I found out my 2 big sisters were gay &&… [more]
  • I Want to See You Describe Yourself In 10 Adjectives

    My 10 Adjectives..! :) 1.) Unpredictable 2.) Inappropriate 3.) Funny 4.) Risk taker 5.) WEIRD..! (; 6.) Caring 7.) Talented 8.) Lovable 9.) Sweet 10.) Thoughtful… [more]
  • I Am Bisexual

    Don't Hide Your Shine..! (; Your sexuality is nothing to be afraid of..!  It's a part of you && your life && you should be proud of it! I feel like if you're bisexual or gay or anything else,, you should scream it to the world.… [more]