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I Have a Confession

I am trying to be more confident and not getting down on myself if I mess up. I am also learning to not blame others for my problems, it's not easy but I won't give up on improving myself. [more]
  • I Have Anxiety

    Trying To Relax ya resetting my thoughts been necessary to address my anxiety. i just try to do my best and not overthink it. well some afterthought is ok, but the obsessive thoughts can get me in a downward spiral ,… [more]
  • I Have Social Phobia

    Trusting Myself right now i'm having trouble trusting and accepting myself. i feel that others that i know that i work with and that i am friends with can see more of my social anxiety and they look down upon me. thi… [more]
  • I Would Rather Be Alone Than Be With the Wrong Person

    Mostly Ok With It im mostly ok with being alone, but when im in crowds or at social events i definitely feel lonely, but when im at home  and by myself, i dont feel embarassed or feel judged like im in a safe plac… [more]
  • I Cant Change the Past But I Can Change My Future

    Expectations i think i need to change my expectations, or atleast adjust them everyday. you see, its good to have goals and dreams, but everything is always changing, and when we dont change accordingly there usua… [more]