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I Love Inspirational Poems And Quotes

The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently... [more]
  • I Have Anxiety

    Trying To Relax ya resetting my thoughts been necessary to address my anxiety. i just try to do my best and not overthink it. well some afterthought is ok, but the obsessive thoughts can get me in a downward spiral ,… [more]
  • I Have Social Phobia

    Trusting Myself right now i'm having trouble trusting and accepting myself. i feel that others that i know that i work with and that i am friends with can see more of my social anxiety and they look down upon me. thi… [more]
  • I Would Rather Be Alone Than Be With the Wrong Person

    Mostly Ok With It im mostly ok with being alone, but when im in crowds or at social events i definitely feel lonely, but when im at home  and by myself, i dont feel embarassed or feel judged like im in a safe plac… [more]
  • I Cant Change the Past But I Can Change My Future

    Expectations i think i need to change my expectations, or atleast adjust them everyday. you see, its good to have goals and dreams, but everything is always changing, and when we dont change accordingly there usua… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    About Men
    Saw this on facebook and thought it was kind of interesting but still tough to live up to! Here's to all the real men out there...Boys play house. Men build homes. Boys shack up. Men get married. Boys make babies. Men raise children. A boy won't raise his own children. A man will raise his and someone else's. Boys invent excuses for failure. Men produce strategies for success. Boys look for somebody to take care of them. Men look for someone to take care of. Boys seek popularity. Men earn respect by knowing how to give it. Boys quit and walk away when things get hard. Men will promise to love you through it all.  … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Be true to yourself
    I am trying to be more confident and not getting down on myself if I mess up. I am also learning to not blame others for my problems, it's not easy but I won't give up on improving myself.Here's my favorite quote of the day:We have to learn to be ouw own best friend because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemiesRoderick Thorp … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    i had a bad dream last night that my dream cleaning bill was 1250$ ! lol then i asked the lady do you mean 12.50$ ?? and she said "no 1250$ because it took us a week to clean it" Then I was completely shocked, and said that's quite a bit. Then i woke up and was really anxious about my money situation because I also have to pay for my car repairs which in real life is like 1800$ so i guess my subconscious is saying that i am extremely stressed about my money and I might be worrying too much about it. It's not that bad really, i just gotta take it in strides and I dont really have to worry about paying it all at once. And hopefully my dry cleaning bill won't be that expensive lol. … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    favorite quote from Sons of Anarchy show
    I realized that in my downward spiral of hopelessness I was actually falling into a huge hole created by my absence of basic human graces. The most obvious was forgiveness. If I was wronged by anyone, in or out of the club, I had to be compensated by money or blood. There was no turning the other cheek. When relationships become a ledgerof profit and loss, you have no friends, no loved ones, just pluses and minuses. You are absolutely alone.John Teller narration from the show Sons of Anarch Season 2, Episode 5.But yeah, this really hit home to me, in my journal today I also wrote that since I am afraid to fail so much I end up just doing a mediocre or average job both with my career and my r… [more]
  • stressed

    Posted on: May 24th, 2010 at 1:37PM

    i wish i could back in time like everyone else and do alot of things differently. i wish i could so much more but when it comes down to it, i kinduv think this is all a dream, im not sure of anything for absolutely certain. but hey i do my best considering the circumstancesMy mood: a bit blah… [more]