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umm not alot to say, im a libra and true to my sign i sit on the fence bout most things, when i do eventually make a descision i feel it is the wrong one

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Books misery by stephen king
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the entire theme of my dream was cheating on my boyfriend and im so confused. [more]
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  • I Want to Go Shopping In Beverly Hills, Ca

    If I Had the Money if i had the money i would shop all around the world. and i would be happy. i know its silly but shopping cheers me up when nothing else can and it makes me feel so good. but shopping in america so… [more]
  • I Eat and Eat and Eat Eat

    Me i have had type 1 diabetes since i was 19months old and therefore have had to eat alot and adjust what i eat to my insuline regime. but a few years ago i switched to a regiem where i adjust the ins… [more]
  • I Shopping Is My Favorite

    Shopping! i love to shop, to look at all those new styles, try spot something you like, to actually find your size. oh what a feeling. i pile up the clothes on my arms and can barely walk underneath the wieg… [more]
  • I Need to Go Shopping

    No Money i have no job and am looking, there is nothing out there for me and i cant carry on with my free course as i dont see the point if it is based apon seeing me work and i cant find any but there is a… [more]
  • HELP!

    Posted on: April 18th, 2010 at 2:14PM

    i am so confused! i was with my boyfriend for over two years and we have been unhappy but still love eachother. then almost completely out of the blue theres a new guy in my life and its so messed up, me and my boyfriend are on a break and i end up sleeping with the new guy. the new guy says he thinks he loves me but isnt over his ex and doesnt want to be in a relationship but doesnt want me to be with other guys. and to complicate things further i have this other guy who im not interested in but is really into me and is really clingy around me and is making the other guy gelious. so i dont know what to do now. so i go as planned and move away with my 'boyfriend' do i take a risk and see wh… [more]