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well my name is Sarah duh lol i dont really kno how to say much about my self iam weird yes i like random shit.Iam not lookin for any thing on here as in you cyber fucks out there that happen to make a profile on here just to find random chicks such as myself ,um lets see i will talk to about anyone LMAO iam never serious i laugh at farts for fuck sakes and if you cant tell already yes i cuss alot lol

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I Have Very Vivid Dreams

Everthing Goes Away In The End..... In my Dream I am in the hospital i have no hair an iam in a hospital gown/dress . The only people that are in the room with me are My step father , My mother and my lovely daughter Justice but in my... [more]
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  • I Have Some Bad Childhood Memories

    I Hate You Ever since i was a child i was abused by my father not only me but my brothers as well. I remember my father draging me by the head of my hair and hitting my brothers with those aluminum brooms you ca… [more]
  • I Have Had Sex In Public

    The Park The Graveyard And The Lake Lol well i have had my far share of places of having sex in public but these are the few places that i loved the most lol mainly cause they were probley all at night and we where almost caught.The park we… [more]
  • I Have Dreams That Come True

    Weird Stuff I Dream Lol well the first dream i had happend 3 years ago and we where in this gold winstar van and we got hit on the side in my dream well i woke up soon after and like a week later it happen the van got hit i … [more]
  • I Love Anime

    Anime Makes Me Happy the reasons i love anime so much is because it takes you to a whole diffrent world  with all kinds of things you wish you could be or have at that even if its filled with magic or letting you have… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    does it hurt to try so hard ,and fail from it
    Ok i dont understand why i go threw with everything i do . I have a bf that i have been with for 2 years now an we have a daughter together, but it just seams no matter what i do he is always mad over everything, but everyone that i talk to about the situation that iam in just tells me that it will be ok or to work it out blah blah blah i just think they say this to not listen to what my problem is.I kno that everyone has there own issues and problems but i also know its always good to have a person talk to but i dont have anyone.When i need them no one is around and well my bf dont spend time with me to count, are relationship is not one i just pretend it isJust like most days i pretend to … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    you were my buddie,my bodyguard,most of all my brother
     never got to say good bye to you or that i loved you on the last night you where here but i hope you knew that i did and still do because all the fun times that we had laughing together will always remain inside my heart Sam....... i love you brother.......(r.i.p)… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    i still love my ex!!
    iam with a guy now which is my bf of 2 years we have a daughter named Justice but...i cant seam to kick the thought of my ex out of my mind iam always thinking about him always looking him up on facebook wish for one day of my damn life that he would come see me or talk to me but then i get these random thoughts in my head thinking what if he did omg i would go mad and try and to have my way with him ugh i need help LMAO :(… [more]