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I Don't Celebrate My Birthday With A Birthday Party Anymore

I Don't Really Celebrate It At All Now To me it is pointless, its another day and it doesn't really make a difference. Not many people know when my birthday is and I like it that way. People say happy birthday even though they don't talk... [more]
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  • I Will Answer Anything You Dare To Ask

    If You Want To If you want to know something, ask me a question and I'll answer honestly and as soon as possible. Either message me or comment on this :)… [more]
  • I Want To Slit My Wrists And Bleed Out

    The Reason It all started when I was about seven or eight. My sisters left and it broke me. I didn't get a single goodbye and any contact after that was a secret, it wasn't until a last year where I found a lett… [more]
  • I Think I'm Ugly

    Years Of Being Told It You Believe It How do I undo years of it all? I cannot not believe it...I'm fat, ugly.. and I don't deserve love *small laugh* I've had people tell me otherwise but who can I believe them?At the moment I… [more]
  • I Hate Liars

    One Of The Biggest Hypocrites I Know I hate people lying but then again I lie... hurt a lot of people with my lies... yet I have the nerve to hate liars... I guess it'd explain all the self-hate...… [more]