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I Need Someone to Talk to

Sorry to be all moany but I just need someone to talk to me. I'm really struggling with the day to day stuff. [more]
  • I Am Not Perfect

    I really struggle with self control. I go through periods when I'm happy and things are going well but when I do something bad it feels like the end of the world. I can't have one drink, I can't have … [more]
  • I Am a New Member At Experience Project

    I probably should have posted this before I went madly replying to everything but what can I say... This certainly is a fantastic place. I'm currently studying theatre and music at unive… [more]
  • I Am Not Perfect

    I find myself feeling very low seemingly randomly. When I was with my ex I was constantly happy and now I seem to have intervals of hopelessness. It's been nearly two years. I guess I'm just a bit lon… [more]
  • I Love Nature

    No matter how hectic my life becomes having exposure and encounters with nature puts a lot into perspective. Yeah. I love nature… [more]