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I Have a Confession

I was feeling really down one night, so I thought I would brighten up some people's day. I wrote a lot of little letters saying nice things and on the envelop I wrote "random niceness" at... [more]
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  • I Self Harm

    The Warning Sings Are Obvious To Other Self Harmers I am a self harmer. I notice when other self harmers are doing the little things I do to hide the scars. I notice that you dont take off your jumper. I noticed the scars when your sleeve came up and … [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    I Have Never Felt More Lonlely And Unimportant I just realised how unimportant I am. Have you ever just stop what you were doing and thought about the fact that you are completely insignificant. That you could fade away and no one would noti… [more]
  • I Self-harm

    I Am A Self Harmer I self harm. This is the first time I have said that without sitting in a consolers office uncomfortably pulling my sleeves down. I cut, I burn, I pick at my skin, I pull my hair, I try and hurt mysel… [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    The Black Hole It's like I'm in a black hole. Like the life is slowly being sucked out Of me and all I can do is sit there and wait to die. It's like I am drowning in sea of my own thoughts and everyone is swimming … [more]