Male , 41-45

I'm a big kid. I try to stay childlike but not childish. I love to discover new and exciting things. I've been told I'm a lot of fun and I like everyone unless they give me a reason not to. I've had my share of bad luck but my karma should hopefully fix that soon.

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Favorite Quote Don't worry about it. Everything will work out somehow. It always does.
Vices what d'ya got?
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Sagittarius
Special day 11-23
Books anything by Vonnegut, anything nonfiction
Music Ass Ponys, Handsome Family, Uncle Tupelo, Replacements,Gram Parsons etc
Movies Goodfellas, Pan's Labyrinth, Zoolander, Motorama,Walk Hard, Snatch, etc
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I Want People to Share Their Poetry

Memories And Ghosts  The wind flies by my window, The ghost glides past my door, I sit here softly hoping, It won't bother me no more; The moon shines through the blackness, My lamp bathes me in light, Ghosts of... [more]
bvb1123 has shared 33 Mature Experiences
  • I Took An Overdose

    I Tried and It Didnt Work When all the stuff that I'm dealing with right now went down, I took what I thought was a large amount of pills. Turns out I was taking so many anyway as a result of my stupidity that it did nothing b… [more]
  • I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

    I Thought She Was the One We were in love. She was my dream girl. One day I woke up and she said to me "I don't love you anymore. We can't be together. I don't want to be around you". I have never been the type to worry about … [more]
  • I Believe In Ghosts

    I Have Seen A Ghost Growing up in my family's home I often had eerie feelings like sometimes I would feel as if someone came into my room but I'd turn around and no one was there. Other things, such as doors closing on t… [more]
  • I Need to Stop Being Sad

    I Don't Want to Be Sad Anymore The girl of my dreams left me one morning and I can't get over it. I've never ever had a problem getting over anyone before. Actually its always been very easy. I've never loved anyone as much as I lo… [more]