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I Am Starting Over

It's not easy but here goes [more]
cailinAlainn has shared 4 Mature Experiences
  • I Have a Dog

    She is a pampered pooch! My puppy is nearly 7!! (I know some pup eh?!) she is a Cavalier KIng Charles who thinks she's a human. She is flat out snoring at the bottom of my bed, hates being left alone … [more]
  • I Believe In "The Secret"

    I believe in the secret. I am thankful for the times I can mindlessly ask for the things I want, and receive them easily. I am grateful for my good health. I am happy when I get a parking place close … [more]
  • I Have a Broken Heart

    I met him nearly a year ago to the day... And fell for him straight away. He was so kind and good and made me feel so special and so wonderful. Being with him I thought I had found everything I had ev… [more]
  • I Wish That I Could Sleep In Your Arms Tonight

    I can't sleep after being in contact with him ... My mind is up in arms... I miss sleeping in his arms every night - I always felt so safe and so right. :/… [more]