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missing you is more painful than swallowing lava and having a million knives stabbed in my heart.

Hello, i am caitlin. I love writing, singing, and fantasizing lol. I came on here in the beginning to vent about my beloved fiancé i lost, i miss him dreadfully still. I write books and poems and sing country sense im from the south. I enjoy the beach and the out doors. I love the woods. Just walking through them, listening to nature. I love classical music too, and im a bit of a rocker ;) i like the hardcore rock too. Im only 5'3 i have red hair (bottle style) and brown eyes. So lets be friends, shall we?

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I Lost Someone Important to Me

If Only I Could Play God For A Day.. i see all these post's about how they can't find love or how they have found and can't get enough. well i used to be one of the 'all nighter's' on facebook and a non-stop talker on the phone. all of... [more]
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  • I Am a Submissive Wife

    I Want To Be Someday. Someday i want to be a submissive wife, fill the needs of the man i love. Be open to him, my light and dark sides. Let him help me through my rough spots and allow him to devour me. I want to surrende… [more]
  • I Like Being Treated Like A Baby

    Can't Believe Im Posting Here, No Offense okay, i think this is extremely weird. i like acting around the age of five. you know, that playful rambunctious age that gets you into trouble? the daredevil starts to form? i love my te… [more]
  • I Kissed a Girl

    I Almost Did. Once i was at a carnival with one of my best friends. We had known each other for a really long time and i knew she was bi and had a crush on me. So we rode a scary ride and after riding it i kind of … [more]
  • I Want You To Ask Me Naughty Questions

    Give Me The Worst You Got i'll answer any question you have no matter how dirty or sexual. go on, ask questions you would never be bold enough to say anywhere else. i want to know the kinkiest, sexiest questions you have give … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    we have all lied about being sick
    well today i am supposedly "sick" but actually just need to do some work i did not take time to do over the thanksgiving brake :P the funny thing is i would much rather have been doing work than being with my family because it made me think about stuff i had shoved back into the back of my mind. what made it worse was the mask i had to wear and i walked and stained my face with tears. walking on the path i hoped maybe he would come into ghost form and leave foot prints in the sand beside me. i tried pulling myself together but did not do so well at all. when i cam back into the house we watched a scary movie which brought it up even more because there was a funeral scene. when i write out my… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    without you i give up
    even though you are gone and have been for weeks almost three months i feel like trying to move on is cheating. i feel you inside me like your still near. as i write it almost feels like your staring at my back. i try to keep my self together through the day but find it utterly impossible. i wish there was some way to get you back because i would honestly give up the world to have you back.  i am honestly living my version of hell on earth and find no meaning to life anymore without you. you promised me hat you would love me now and forever and you did but not until my end only until yours. at night all i can do is cuddle up to an  object thinking it is you hoping you will embody it and hug … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    We all have to move on at some point.
    I still have an ache in my heart where he left me, but i think i have the strength to move on. I have been trying for a while now and i cry even more at the fact its close to being a year now that i lost him.. I hate cars now because they are what took him.. I want to fulfil our dreams as much as i can. Like the name if my first son. Of course i won't tell my husband why i named my child that but i will. Im getting a tattoo in your memory. My titanium wring will be engraved for you. My heart will always be gone, you took it with you to heaven. I miss you more than anything, miss you more than joy, miss you more than the way you made me feel. I would gave you back even if i had to let you… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    The curve i need called a smile.
    After losing my fiancé i lost the ability to truly smile. I try but it never really happens. The most i can do is a little smirk. My happiness, love, and caring sides all died with him. I created this alter ego just so i can keep my friends happy. This sweet loving and caring person that which i used to be. I hate lying to them about my feelings but its for the best. Because one they start prying into my heart they drown from my river of tears. They leave because they can't take anymore.. I get sick of losing people all the time.. It may not be permanent but i still lose them and it hurts. Every time i think if my fiancé i just want to sit in a corner and scratch my eyes out. Im tired of cry… [more]