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Hey, i am Caitlin, i am 14, i am pretty outgoing and a happy person,i wish i could say that, but that is what you would see me like if you knew me but anyways hi i am Caitlin i am 14 years old and i stuggle with self harm, abuse, and bulling day in and day out

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I Have a Confession

It's a true story bro. Is anyone the same way as me ? [more]
  • I Am Under 18

    Self-punishment some peoples self-punishment is differnt than mine, when i do something wrong i cut and hit myself, even if someone says your annoying, my mind says you are annoying this poor person you are a bad per… [more]
  • I Am Under 18

    And This Is Why I Hate School hey so i am bullied everyday to the suicide point, yeah it sucks, every bad when i go to school i get called stupid, *****,wh*re, and just plain get made fun of the wholeeeeeeeeeee day and even on fac… [more]
  • I Am Sick Of Being Told To Get Over It

    No One Likes Me Any Were!!!! hey i am Caitlin, i am 14 years old. I can never find a good place to be i mean at school i get bullied all the time! and at home well lets just say i would rather be at school than at home, and you … [more]
  • I Hate My Friends

    Friday The 13 For Me Hi i am Caitlin, I am 14 year old and i cut and am suicidal, yes i know it's bad and i should stop but i really can't so Friday on the bus my friends started to yell at me and call me really mean name… [more]