Female , 22-25

i'm caity.
i'm misanthropic.
i love to laugh,
ha ha ha ha.
i'm bi-polar.
i have a toxic relationship with alcohol.
i fall in love with all the wrong people.
i love bridges, all kinds,
especially the brooklyn bridge
double sided tape is
the greatest invention ever.
i HATE when my shampoo
and conditoner don't match.
i love to read.
i'm addicted to the history channel.
i love stars.
i'm scared of the dark.
i love new york city.
i wear "too much" eyeliner.
i'm addicted to monster,
cigarettes and chapstick.
i love hello kitty,
a lot.
i have an entire closet of shoes.
i live in creative chaos.
i love being manic.
i love to read the taco bell sauce packets.
i love to take pictures,
especially of myself.
you never know what's in store
when dealing with me.
i'm in recovery.
i'm just beginning
to find out who i really am.
i go where the wind takes me.
i'll try anything once.
i do not tan.
i hate sunlight,
don't tell me i need some.

Last Seen Oct 28, 2011
Member Since Jan 12, 2011
Favorite Quote I'm just like a balloon; if no one holds my string....I'll float away
  • a little Irish
  • and a little Scottish
  • and a little German
Vices tobacco, monster, driving too fast
Horoscope Scorpio
Special day 11-7
Books the big book, a woman's worth, anything by ellen hopkins, the miraculous journey of edward tulane.
Music depends on my mood. there's far too many to list.
Local Time July 1st, 4:01 PM

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