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I A Child of God

A Silent Cry This picture is really moving... if someone understand the pain of these babies, of these little angels that wont fly is Jesus. May God hold them and give their souls the love that they did not... [more]
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  • I Love To Dress As A Woman In High Heels Dresses And Makeup

    Part Of Feeling Feminine I love dresses and high heels. Today I indulged myself and bought three dresses and three pair of high heels. Even though I wasnt going anywhere, I did my hair, curled it up, and feel very happy just … [more]
  • I Expect People To Disappoint Me

    I Just Dont Have Fake Expectations Well... Not that Im thinking that this person or that will disappoint me. It is just that I don't expect they never to hurt me... or to walk away without a trace. Because people is free... so why shou… [more]
  • I Cut My Hair Myself

    I Decided To Give It A Try I really hate going to hair saloons. They usually tell me that my hair is damaged, (and certainly I dont consider so) I suppose they want me to buy their treatments and stuff-So the last w… [more]
  • I Am Sick of the Perverts On Ep

    But When They Add Me... Why do they add me? Well they add everyone, but should at least see the interest of the other person. EP is an opet site to everyone and is right, I honestly have some friends with flagged stuff, but … [more]