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I Hate Macbooks

Why I Hate Macbook And Anything Related To Macbooks So, here I am, quietly trying to hold back all my rage. Hands trembling, eyes watering, envisioning me pulling Steve Job's body out of the ground and beating the maggots out of it. Why... [more]
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  • I Believe In Aliens

    Aliens Will Be Violent I know there is life out there, I haven't the proof except the numbers and odds to back it up. I do not believe that aliens have come to earth, not in the last century at least. I do believe that they… [more]
  • I Love War

    We'd Still Be Living In Trees If Not For War Everybody loves to criticize war, to pass judgment on it like some kind of racist relative that we all have to put up with. All these small minds can never seem to get over the short term loss in orde… [more]