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~ We Came Into This World Not To Find A Perfect Person To Love, But To Learn To Find An Imperfect Person Perfectly ~

Random facts about me:

I went to school for Journalism then one day woke up and decided on a whim to register for nursing school.
I collect monkeys (stuffed animals of course), at one point I had over 66. I am trying to cut back, but its hard to quit an addiction.
I am bisexual (no I will not have a threesome with you and your honey)
When I was in Huatulco Mexico I did a somersault in the air off of an ATV (or so I'm told). I don't remember it though as it knocked myself out.
Speaking of Mexico, I went to a Spanish school for 1.5 months in a little Mexican city called Cuernavaca. It was super cool... got to live with a Mexican family, learn the culture, along with the language. That was in 2007 and I have forgotten every Spanish word I learned.
I would rather run into a shark than a mouse.... mice terrify me.
I am vegetarian (apparently this matters big time to some people)
I am a natural blonde yet I tend to change my hair color a lot (As you'll see from my pics)
On my last trip to LA I bought a yamaha guitar, yet I don't know how to play the guitar. It is however on my bucket list of things to do. (Maybe you can teach me?)
I can easily spend 8 hours straight at starbucks/chapters reading, writing & on my laptop. No problem!
I once got in a fight with a Vancouver Canucks fan at a Flames game. Nothing physical, unless you count me throwing his beer in his face physical?!

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