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I Am a Navy Wife

Long Distance Beginnings I Am a Navy Wife.  However, we started out in the "deployment" phase - so I pleasantly (and not so pleasantly) understand the everlasting effects of distance on a relationship. [more]
  • Fancy Seeing you Around Here

    Posted on: October 27th, 2009 at 9:37PM

    It's that time again. It's that exhilerating, overwhelming, exciting, and nervous time that looms up on you. The deployment is over. My husband comes home tomorrow. These last five weeks, though relatively short it feels, have been some of the most enlightening of my life. I can remember him leaving like it was yesterday; in fact, I still have the strange sandle tanline on my feet from that very day (...don't ask.) I think about all that I have felt, suffered, and accomplished in that time. I think about all the women who have been witness to the tragedy that was my first lonely deployment. I think about all the women who have suffered their own loneliness and sorrow during similar deplo… [more]


  • When a Little Sailor This Way Comes...

    Posted on: June 21st, 2010 at 7:24PM

    I posted my last blog entry on December 28, 2009. I would have been two weeks pregnant at that time. We confirmed the pregnancy on January 31, 2010 when I had an emergency ultrasound performed. What a pleasant and all together scary endeavor. Things have changed quite a bit in our household thanks to this little addition. I had to have a "sit down" with my husband to discuss the impact of Navy "lifestyles" on the forthcoming pregnancy. It is a shame what must change when a child becomes involved. I made it very clear to my husband that the "happy go drinking" lifestyle of Navy must come to an end. I have posted a blog on this before; I speculated the culture and circumstances behind … [more]


  • remember...

    Posted on: November 11th, 2009 at 9:55AM

    I just finished taking my 11:11am moment of silence as is appreciated on 11/11 (November 11,) also known as our Remembrance Day here in Canada. We give thanks to those who have sacrificed over the years so that we can know freedom, understanding, and economic advancement. We give thanks so we can have ice cream, soda, and a safe walk to work. We give thanks so we can make the future better. I did, however, take a minute to think about something close to my heart. I think this will ring true for all of us here on this Experience. I gave a moment to think about the wives of those men who disappeared from their lives to protect that which was sacred. Can you imagine being a Navy Wife about … [more]


  • Two-Man Lift

    Posted on: October 8th, 2009 at 7:38PM

    I recently embarked on a very satisfying shopping excursion where I ended up coming home with a modest and well-priced "Vienna" desk. It was a good day. I go to set up my desk; I am very excited to move my husband's back into his office so he can do whatever it is he does on his laptops and various other computer gadgets when he gets home. I put the brace and legs together and then, reading the directions, discover that this is a "Two Man Lift" project. Basically, it recommends that two or more people put the desktop onto the legs due to the weight of the thing. I have since contemplated the relevance of this event on the life of the Navy Wife. "Two Man Lift" ... "Recommends two or more p… [more]