Female , 22-25
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My bangs I cut too short haha

I am an easy going, kind person.

I go to therapy, and see a psychiatrist for meds. I take meds everyday.

Life is too short, celebrate and live life.

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I Am In a Long Distance Relationship

Third Times A Charm... My boyfriend of almost 10 months now has visited me across the nation twice. The first time in September, the second we spent Christmas together. Now it's my turn, I'm going all away to Miami, FL to... [more]
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  • I Am In a Long Distance Relationship

    He's Coming To See Me He lives all away in Florida, and I live in Oregon. He's coming to visit me in September, and I'm ecstatic. We've been talking for more than a couple months now, he's 23 and … [more]
  • I Often Feel Inappropriate Guilt

    Always Feel Bad About Something I always seem to feel bad about something in my life, whether it is still living with my parents while being unemployed, or other matters. One time, I went so far as to starve myself because I felt th… [more]
  • I Am Hmong

    I Am Hmong-american 100% I'm a first generation Hmong American. I was born here and my parents were born in Laos and traveled to America because of the end of the Vietnam War around 1976. That's about 40 years ago my parents … [more]
  • I Attempted Suicide

    I Did And Survived I attempted suicide because I thought at the time my life was not working out well. I also was depressed, and saw 'no hope' that my life would turn out okay. This is something that's hard to talk abou… [more]