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I Am a Bleeding Heart For Animals

Animal Lover i do small dog rescues just found a wonderful home for a tiny chiuhauha who was dumped like trash.would love to rescue all types of animals but only have a small place and i try and get donations... [more]
  • canyouhelp

    Posted on: December 27th, 2009 at 12:47PM

    hi i do rescues for small dogs and spend most of my day trying to help out with food and new homes for people who can no longer care for there 4 legged friends i hope any one out there will blog back and may be able to help me keep this a long term committment thanks to all and have a good day… [more]


  • feels good

    Posted on: December 28th, 2009 at 6:04PM

    it sure felt good when i closed my eyes last night after being out in the cold for hours .put straw bedding down for a very cold shepard mix and a nice meal ,when leaving this place discovered a pony in need of a stall that was in such a mud mess an the poor ponys hoofs were in terrible condition,but moved the pony to a cleaner warmer area and put lots of bedding down and hay and my day was done so i felt so good when i went to sleep knowing that at least they were in much better shape,yet theres so many more animals out there that have no one who will show up to help, but one hour one day one animal is my goal.please check animals they deseve a safe warm and a good meal … [more]