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  • Extreem ADHD/CAPD pt.1

    Posted on: January 20th, 2011 at 4:19PM

    I would like to clarify  I am 22, i was diagnosed with ADHD when i was around 5 i also after much research come to find out that i also have extreme CAPD which i already knew but just found the correct term....  though it may be true that we (or I) have about a 15 sec attention span, if that depending on the environment (chaotic or silent or rhythmic)and can never stop moving... CAPD is part of this. its not that i necessarily get distracted by the other thing going on around me when some one is talking like "oo loOK a squirrel" its that i can't process all the noise and filter it to something that's understandable its like a get a piece of everything... (what that person is saying to me ..… [more]


  • job corps/ and ADHD

    Posted on: January 20th, 2011 at 7:55PM

    so I went to fill out the rest of my job corps paper work today.... everything went fine ill be going in in a few months for welding to go on to deep sea welding  i inevitabley injure myself or die ... but  going to hope for the best ...       when i was filling out the paper work though i marked that i had been diagnosed with  and it asked me about my condition and if i would need any  ... well being me i had to be  and ended up writing a 2  1/2 page essay.  after which i finished the rest of the paper work then it was looked over and i was told that by marking  on the form they would not except me into job corps because they would consider it a mental illness....  *!!!*  *so i cant listen… [more]